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Major Internet Marketing Change Affects EVERYONE


Newbie to Veteran Marketers will be affected… If you Market Online in any capacity for income, this is a must read !!

There have been many significant changes in Internet Marketing and
ear^ning… but, this may be seen as one of the biggest… Over 3,000 People Joined in Less than 24 Hours…

(This is very important, so, I’ll keep the set up short so as not bore you veterans too much)

I’m sure that you`ll agree, that most marketers don’t have either the
knowledge, patience, time or money to do all of the tech work, product creation, list building and massive targeted marketing that it takes to be an ultra-successful, high earning marketer.

Instead, other marketers make millions selling them shortcuts, while
some Veteran Marketers get drawn into the expensive SEO, video
marketing, backlinks or other distractions that confuse them, waste their time and drain their wallet.

(Bare with me here, I’m going to talk about the -B- word!)

It’s no secret that list building, relationships, branding yourself, and targeted traffic are the main keys to high earning.  It’s also no secret that a relevant keyword rich BLOGS (the B word) can get an almost instant listing on Google that usually gets FR^EE Ultra Targeted Traffic and a large and growing list.  Which can mean a very big income!

Blogs are complicated, a lot of work and over 90% of blogs have 50 subscribers or less…


Walter Bayliss has just created a simple program that instantly gives every member 200 or more instant subscribers to a VERY SIMPLE to use Blog…  So simple that you can practically set it up in seconds.

You don’t need any confusing & complicated skills. In fact you
don’t even need to be an expert at anything. If you can use a word
processor like Microsoft Word this will be very easy. If not you can post to your blog with plain text.

It’s called Instant Blog Subscribers (IBS) and it does far more than just make a quick blog, it is also…

** A List Builder – 5 Levels Deep

** A Downline Builder

** Email Marketing Tool

** A Place to List and Promote Your Own Programs or Affiliate Programs

** A Direct Messaging System

** An SEO Friendly Marketing System

** A Huge Income Opportunity that pays 5 Level Deep

It’s those services, plus the marketing power of a Blog, all in one…

Think of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and MySpace and you can just imagine the growth potential of IBS.

Join FREE, take a look then decide just what membership level suits

See You at the TOP,

Pat & Gina

The Make Money Blogging Secret has just been revealed…  To learn more about IBS check out Gina Sprenkle’s Blog Post “Instant Blog Subscribers” and “How To Get More Blog Subscribers